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2 definitions by Dirty Dave Sanchez

A burger made from a squished breast. Preferably a large B or C cup. Sometimes done as an act of play. Or to see how much of the breast you can fit in your mouth.


Step 1: Place two hands on either side of a single breast.

Step 2: Bite down in the middle.
Statement - "Last night, I made myself a boobie burger."
Reply - "Yea, bitches love that shit"

Disclaimer: Bitches, do not ACTUALLY love this shit. Attempt at own risk.
by Dirty Dave Sanchez November 14, 2006
Standard greeting, or description.
ADJ: That shits nounce man.
Verb: Nounce that shit.

"Nounce bitches! What's goin on?"
by Dirty Dave Sanchez January 07, 2006