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A homeless hardcore alcoholic/drug addicted crusty young street punk who is proud of his totally non excistant personal hygiene, always unwashed in the same filthy clothes. Known to have 'crab races' with their body lice as an entertainment amongst them. panhandling, prostituting or drugdealing (stealing) for money, sometimes living in filthy derelict buildings or squats and with few possessions
That city is riddled with gutterpunks
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
A french male homeless person living in the streets, only taking care to get enough money for food & vast quantities of cheap wine from begging & panhandling. Found 'pitoresque' by tourists in Paris, they are often sleeping under Seine bridges. the female is clocharde. A dying breed, equivalent of the tramp or bum
Maigret and the clochard
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
A mysophile is literally someone who loves dirt, as opposed to mysophobes, who are afraid of dirt. It can take any form, also as a sexual attraction. A mysophile can be a crusty or an unwashable, being attracted to dirty surroundings, clothes, anything foul or dirty
The John Waters film 'a Dirty Shame' is also about a mysophile
by Dirty Danny September 04, 2005
Lice that live in dirty unwashed longworn clothes or bedding. Often found on neglected homeless, derelicts, gutterpunks, crusties, homebums etc. they suck blood hanging of the cloth and are very itchy. They lay their eggs in the seams. They can spread tyfus. They die with high or low hot or cold temperatures, so can be rid of by hot washing or freezing of the clothes or bedding
Most of those filthy tramps are infested with body lice
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
An unwashable is someone who intentionally discards any sort of personal hygiene. An unwashable never bathes or wears clean clothes, never brushes teeth or combs his or her hair. Very similar to crusties and gutterpunks, but even more religiously so. They are rare and often living on the fringe of society, though famous and succesful unwashables are known
That guy is an unwashable, he hasn't washed for 30 years
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
A fun game amongst intentionally dirty unwashed people (gutterpunks, crusties) to race their body lice gainst each other. Body lice live in dirty unwashed wellworn clothes and bedding
Gutterpunks like having crab races
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
Crusties are very proud of their state of filth. A step on you'll find the unwashable. Unwashables truely and deeply loath any form of personal hygiene. An unwashable is a religiously hardcore mysophile who usually stays unwashed & crusty all his life. For them it is not so much a temporary statement of believes as a dedicated way to live, despite often being shunned by society.
He's so incredibly filthy, he's even worse than those crusties, he must be an unwashable.
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005
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