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An area on the map Isolation on Halo 3. It is at the top of the map where you jump down the tube (near the shotgun) and you emerge from the greasy dog butthole.
"I just got the shotgun and I'm about to have a rape party on these noobs once I emerge from the greasy dog butthole. They'll probably deserve the vicious T-Bagging that will then ensue"
by Dirty D19 February 23, 2009
In Halo 3 (or another Halo), once you have switched to bumper jumper, like a true MLG and have played on default for such a long time, when a person has a mauler or shotgun and you shoot and then beat down to get a kill, one would just shoot and MLG reload in their face because the buttons have been swapped.
"Fucking MLG Reload, I totally had that piece of garbage and now I can't get his nuts out of my mouth!"
by Dirty D19 February 23, 2009
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