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latin: strages

An iron-infused twist on the classic "cream pie," the Cherry Cream Pie is a tantalizing finish for any couple having sex during the woman's menstrual cycle . After ejaculating inside his partner, the man watches as the woman expels the seed along with her period blood, creating a visually stunning mix of reds, pinks and white.

From: "Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex"
Mary made a Cherry Cream Pie on the bathroom floor. Mmmm, pie.
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
latin: Cacatus manduco
The Hot lunch takes the Hot Carl a steamy step further. One partner uses saran wrap to make a small pocket inside his/her mouth and then fills that pocket with feces (it doesn't matter whose). After the initial set-up, the man proceeds to have sex with the poo pocket, breaking through the saran wrap at the final, climatic second to fill his lover's mouth with a delicious fusion of cum and dump, also known as "cump."
From the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
The sexual pleasure of the Hot Lunch speaks for itself, but less obvious is the way in which it has helped millions of people overcome their aversions to actual hot lunches by replacing terrifying memories of sweaty school cafeteria food with beautiful, aromatic mouthfuls of cump.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 15, 2010
latin: peregrinus
Almost all men and women masturbate either sitting or lying down, making this solo move a natural way to spice up a private half hour. Sit or lie on top of the hand you normally masturbate with, dramatically reducing the blood flow in your arm. For men, once you've lost feeling in that hand, dab on some lubricant and begin to masturbate. Women can start with fingers or a toy--the choice is yours. With no no sensation in your hand (but feeling everything down south), you can imagine getting frisky with a mysterious partner--who just happens to know exactly how you like it!
from the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
I haven't had a partner for some time. And I never had the money or desire to invest in sex toys or call girls. The stranger really is the next best thing to getting it for real.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 13, 2010
latin: Mictus pluvia
The simplest of fetishes, the Golden Shower involves one partner simply spraying a lover or friend with the warm drops of one's micturition.
Urine has never gotten the attention it deserves in the sexual world. Sure, it's great for expelling waste, but did you know that it's also great for spraying bathing girls in a golden shower?
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 13, 2010
latin: ferveo labia

A great way to spice things up in the bedroom--literally. Before coitus, pour Tabasco sauce (habanero or "rooster" sauce are both acceptable) on the outer lips of the woman's vagina. The man should then enter her while the full force of the hot sauce takes effect. Originally conceived and coined in the Louisiana bayou, Hot Lips Houlihan has become universally popular among spicy-food aficionados.

From: "Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex"
We love us some spicy food. That's why we like Hot Lips Houlihan, taking that south of the border taste, well, south of the border really heated up the old bedroom. Nothing will make you as frisky as second-degree burns."
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
latin: Mammae defaecatus conpressionis
To perform what's often described as "titty fucking on steroids," the man first defecates on his lover's chest. He then uses slippery poo as a lubricant to vigorously slide his member back and forth between her breasts, which serves as the "buns" to the "hotdog" and "poochili." A considerate partner allows his lover to lick off the "mayonnaise."
from the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
Seeing my husband's penis slide through his own poop on my chest was such a turn-on. I mean, here was a man who loved me enough to poop on me, fuck me in the poop and then cum on my face. Chili dog just makes you feel special.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 15, 2010
latin: Clunis Concubitis Barba
After a man and woman engage in anal sex, the maile removes his still-erect member from his partner's rectum and rubs it along her upper lip, thus creating a sort of fecal mustachio supposedly reminiscent of a scraggly Mexican mustache, or bigote.
Women love being Dirty Sanchezed because of the power reversal and gender switch that comes from having a typically masculine mustache painted across their face with a penis

Source: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010

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