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Mental calculation performed prior to an event or "hectic time" in which you try to determine the next opportunity you will have to masturbate.
I did the masturbation math...I leave tomorrow and I know I'll be bunking with a friend. If I don't masturbate tonight, I'll have to wait 8 days until I get home from vacation.
#masturbate #vacation #jack off #spank session #calculation
by Dirty Band-Aid September 02, 2010
Facebook masochism. Torturing yourself by obsessively monitoring the page of someone you like, but who doesn't like you. This may also include visiting pages of their friends, family and co-wokers. F&M differs from stalking in that any information gained; seeing what they do, where they go, what's new, etc. only makes you more miserable because you aren't a part of it; yet you can't stop looking.
It's his fault I'm into F&M. He shouldn't have told me he liked me, slept with me and then never called me.
#facebook #masochism #stalking #torture #obsessive
by Dirty Band-Aid September 10, 2010
Exclaimed in celebration after a feat of white trash ingenuity has been accomplished, or after learning of good news.
You hear Cindy Gene and Billy Wayne got hitched?
#white #trash #power #redneck #celebrate
by Dirty Band-Aid May 04, 2011
A form of sabotage in which tramp-like behavior is used to interfere with a relationship.
I'm thinking of getting a tattoo on my thigh, that way my ass can be in his face while he works on me and he'll forget all about his girlfriend. Operation Trampotage in full effect!
#tramp #sabotage #relationship #breakup #couple
by Dirty Band-Aid December 28, 2010
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