54 definitions by Dirty Sanchez

black and hardxcore. pretty flippin 5w337
the other day i saw this weird royale guy. but he was hawt so it's all good.
by dirty sanchez March 06, 2005
It's when someone takes a crap on a girls Cooch then eats her out.
Mah Bitch Goes crazy for the Choco Taco
by Dirty Sanchez October 13, 2003
A conniving Israelite.
What's with the late pay? Damn that joo Squintz.
by dirty sanchez February 03, 2005
Placing your butt over a girl's bush and ripping a nasty, windy fart as to simulate crop dusting.
After we finished having sex I gave that bitch a sweet crop duster.
by Dirty Sanchez January 27, 2003
Something you give to a picture of a fit girl when alone at night in your room. Generally involving a box of tissues.
"I'm off to my room to respect Jessica Biel ragged"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003
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