54 definitions by Dirty Sanchez

thats your ass in the front .. aka your belly
"Dude was wearing a tight ass shirt showing off his guttocks."
by Dirty Sanchez February 29, 2004
When you get so drunk that you puke up, piss yourself and shit in your pants.
"I was so hammered last night I did a three way discharge"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003
When a man/woman inserts his/her index and middle fingers into his/her ass and pulls out a smear of shit and then proceeds to draw a beard with the shit on a fellow person's chin and or cheeks.
That biznatch gave me a sheard.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
its your tits up top ..
"check out the breasticles on that honey"
by Dirty Sanchez February 29, 2004
A type of small cherry tree.
"The last time I played Scrabble I threw down the word bazard."
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
A perspiring homeless man/woman whom rides the trains from town to town.
Look at that Swettius Hobous attempting to hop on to the train.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
The process where one person gives a handjob to another person with one hand, and fists said person's colon with the other.
Man I sure was bloody after that fullins!

Cordy can you come give me a fullins?

Jon you gave the most horrible fullins I've ever had.
by dirty sanchez April 05, 2004

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