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54 definitions by Dirty Sanchez

The act of swabbing the cock against many household items and food stuffs to gain revenge.
Hector cock swabbed the Pal supervisor's chicken knees and pizza bagel.
by dirty sanchez July 01, 2003
13 7
The slut in the van that all the guys took turns nailing in High School.
"That chick used to be a Van-Girl. I was the twenty-eighth guy to hit it after a football game and there were a bunch of guys still in line after me."
by Dirty Sanchez March 02, 2004
8 4
To believe that a certain fact is true, only to discover later that the opposite is the case.
I was viewing the live Fantasy Football scoring on CBS sportsline last night and I was winning, then the next day I looked at the scoring again to discover I had been Orced and lost the game, Damnit Mogle!
by Dirty Sanchez October 22, 2003
4 0
giving a girlsome double penetration
hey mate - do you think that girl would be interested in a twos-up???
by Dirty Sanchez December 13, 2003
13 10
A gentlement who owns a small dog, a traveller on the marmite motorway.
"What out for that guy he's a Butt Hole Surfer"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003
10 7
When a man/woman inserts his/her index and middle fingers into his/her ass and pulls out a smear of shit and then proceeds to draw a beard with the shit on a fellow person's chin and or cheeks.
That biznatch gave me a sheard.
by Dirty Sanchez August 01, 2003
7 4
Anything bad, ugly, retarded, stupid, or whatever. You can use it anyways you want.
This is pundar.
by Dirty Sanchez June 05, 2004
3 1