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The group of men who vie for the attention of a single woman by not actively pursuing her. They are often friends themselves or co-workers etc. who claim equal stake in the possibility that they can form a more substantial relationship. Man-Friends serve different functions for the women they seek, from simple companionship to the completion of chores or providing emotional support.

Man-friends are often in denial of their passive pursuit of their 'friends'. Man-Friends can be obstacles to the women's prospective mates and have been known to sabotage their attempts at other relationships. Single men in pursuit of a woman with man-friends are often put off by their presence. Man-friend status is usually something to avoid in developing a new relationship.

The term man-friends does not describe the friends of a man or the gay male friends a woman has.
I decided not to pursue that girl from the club, she was hanging out with, like, 6 man-friends.

"Things are great with Sally, but tomorrow we go to the game with her 'man-friend' Jeff!!! We will have to see how that goes..."

"I have really become fond of Ann, but I think I am just a 'man-friend'."

"You should have seen it coming, man. She had you slotted as a 'man-friend' from the start."

"I got my 'man-friend' coming over to mow the lawn today, I think I will ask him to change the porch light as well."
by Dirt Biike May 11, 2008

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