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2 definitions by Dirk The Daring

vb : a dull throbbing pain occurring anywhere ( typically in the forehead) in the body following the lapse of the alcohol's euphoric effects.
Upon hearing moans of pain from her son's room Jennifer peaked inside and immediately discovered an empty bottle of whiskey on the floor near his bed. Immediately she deduced that Matt was suffering from an alcoholache.
by Dirk The Daring January 02, 2011
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1 : one who is not a very good writer

2 : an oxymoron
sports writer : First of all let me say to begin with that Jamal Reynolds is in my own personal opinion a draft bust.

regular writer : In my personal opinion drafting Jamal Reynolds was a bad decision for the Green Bay Packers.
by Dirk The Daring December 05, 2010
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