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If you are dumb enough to be insulted by noob, then you are a fucking moron too. I want to shoot the motherfucker in the face who came up with noob. All the dumb motherfuckers of the internet world think they are gay when they say it all the time. I say fuck them, and shut the fuck up you stupid bitches.
John says, "im 1337 noob"
Rob pulls out his penis and begins to pummel John with his cock in the best Danza slap ever, and says, "Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch, people who say noob are fucking morons"
by Dirk Dickher March 17, 2005
More fuckin shit just like noob. Please look up "people who say noob are fuckin morons". If you say this I will come to your house and danza slap the fuck out of your stupid hick head.

Wow, one day someone mispelled own, which itself was a retarded way to argue. And you put a 0 in there for more gayness. Grow up and realize you are a fucking fag if you talk like this.
Shut the fuck up you stupid fags. Stop coming up with this shit that you think is cool. One day you'll see the error in your gay ways, but I'm sure for the time being you are an "elite" fat ass nerd who can giggle and snort with their fat ass friends. If you are unsure if you might sound like a fuckin moron just think of this, "What would Bruce Vilanch do?" And you'll be greatly rewarded. Again, shut the fuck up you stupid fuckin morons.
by Dirk Dickher March 18, 2005
bunch of fucking morons you are if you say this
Shut the fuck up you stupid fag
by Dirk Dickher March 19, 2005
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