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3 definitions by Diotro

It can be used to define a sort of religious symbolism such as Karma, or Dharma. Usually stated after an extraordinary event.
Thy Diotro blesses thee, with almighty power!
by Diotro October 22, 2003
3 6
A lamer dude, who sits in front of his computer, drinking coffee, and smoking cigarettes. Usually has really bad breath, and talks way too much. Likes to sleep and play with his cat. Doesn't like noise too much. Rather use a PeeCee, than a beautiful Mac!
You lazy bastard, you remind me of a blown306couger!
by Diotro October 22, 2003
4 20
I'm laughing internally
A substitute for "lol".
I saw a duck swallow a gumbal, ili!
by Diotro October 22, 2003
13 47