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when something is extra spooky and it sends shivers down your spine
Those scary skeletons were 2spooky.
by Diorio October 29, 2013
An illegal Warzone Chess move popularized by Youtube chess personality Chessnetwork (Jerry). It occurs when you don't have a queenside rook in Thunderhorse and you try to castle on the queenside. The king moves to the appropriate square but the rook fails to move, causing the opponent to be stuck in Chesscube purgatory.
When all hope is lost, and checkmate is inevitable, the Blue Chicken Gambit can always be relied on.
by Diorio July 26, 2014
Daft Punk's fourth studio album. An epic homage to the disco and electronic scene of the late 70s and 80s. The album contains a host of collaborators including Julian Casablancas and Pharell Williams. Sadly, people only like to pay attention to Get Lucky, while there are a dozen other great tracks.
Contact, Lose Yourself to Dance, Touch, and Instant Crush are amazing songs off of Random Access Memories.
by Diorio January 16, 2014
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