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2 definitions by Dinosaur.bone

A gay or bi alpha male who by dint of his intimidating appearance and/or physically aggressive manner, or tested athletic prowess, is afforded the degree of acceptance/ grudging respect by the non-gay world, generally denied to his lesser compatriots. Basically untouchable.
Gay just got updated: GAY2.O. Gareth Thomas is RoboGay “Dead or alive, you're coming with me” lol
by Dinosaur.bone December 29, 2009
a cold unfeeling guy who has permanently disconnected his dick from his emotions. He engages in an endless round of mechanical , joyless , sexual encounters , with ever diminishing returns; in a doomed quest to recapture the excitement and freshness of his first experiences.

The Guyborg model discharges a lot of energy, and is liable to rundown quickly. But can be powered-up by plugging into any old socket.
damn! dat man is not human. the wayz he treated her. he cant have a heart. cold. cold. machine not a man. hes a guyborg. and does he feel any guilt? what do u think! she need to show his sorryass the door!!!,
by Dinosaur.bone December 29, 2009