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A symphonic tale from 1936 by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. The story is told by a narrator and an orchestra. Each character has a theme that instruments in the orchestra plays. Peter is played by string instuments, the bird is played by a flute, the duck is played by an oboe, the cat is played by a clarinet, Grandfather's theme is played by a bassoon, the shooting of the hunters' guns is played by the kettle drums, and the wolf's theme is played by 3 French horns.
The story goes that Peter goes outside of his fenced in yard to go play with his animal friends (a bird, a duck, and a cat). His grandfather scolds him for playing outside the yard in fear of a wolf attack. As Peter is sent inside, a wolf appears, scaring the bird and the cat, and eating the duck. Peter then catches the wolf with a rope and soon, some hunters help him take the wolf to the zoo.
The story has performed and adapted many times. One such example was the cartoon short by Walt Disney in 1946.
Did you hear that the orchestra is playing Peter and the Wolf tonight at the opera house?
by DinoNTrains May 27, 2011
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