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Upward movement of the surface peripheral to glaciated areas above its equilibrium position. It is also an extremely naughty-sounding geology word. It was first (and unamusingly) used during a yawn-inducing paper by Mr. Geo316, to describe the bulging of ones front following a four-pitcher evening at the Green Leafe. More recently, the term "forebulge" caused much ruckus during a presentation given in SurfPro class. Students were forced into fits of giggles the likes of which are seldom seen outside the realm of 12-year-old girls. General ruckus and debauchery ensued. The British (as given by representative CJB) define "forebulge" as "Something Americans lack."
"The forebulge caused differential erosion in... ahh... ah... the two rock types in a river?" -ML

"Is that forebulge or are you just happy to see me?" -CJB

"I lika the forebulge. It is so round and yummy." -NP

"When I go rockclimbing, I have a great forebulge."-SH
by DinoMaster December 04, 2006

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