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31 definitions by Dino

A Houseboi is a boy that is looking for a unique position for a change, a career, some even love. Many want to be a personal assistant, a housekeeper, a chief, and many other duties. In the past a houseboi would serve as assistant and some even grow into a life long relationship with their employers. For some that is taboo. Many stable couples today will take in a houseboi for the household duties and to mentor. see also houseboi(extracted from www.houseboi.com)
As I'm too busy, I'll hire a houseboy to take care of my place and run some errands.
by Dino March 09, 2005
29 31
The feminine of houseboy see houseboy/houseboi.
If I had a housegirl at home I'd have more free time to do personal things.
by Dino March 09, 2005
8 10
a loose, hurt girl often confused into thinking she is fine
that girl is so ugly, she oughta be called a weak a leek
by dino September 10, 2004
5 7
Jamaican patois phrase meaning "give me a five", or "I'm back to my roots".
Roots me again, pal!
by Dino March 09, 2005
2 5
One who frequently engages in carefree sportfucking without regard to commitment, reason, or partners' emotions.
Yulia: William is a dirty, dirty fuckmonster.
William: You know you love it.
by Dino February 10, 2005
6 9
A paranoid failure.
What a lame-ass Burt Hart.
by Dino April 01, 2003
3 8
when a gul lets you fell on her
the gul said i couldn't but i could get some freeplay.
by Dino August 07, 2003
2 14