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A term used to emphasize a sentence. Origins of this word is unknown, although some believe it descended from a mythical being know as "Farsdrengen", Superhomos trusty sidekick. This however, has never fully been proven.
"Aw, FARS!"

"Holy fars! You guys rock!"

"What in the fars?!"

"Jump you for fars sake, before I farsing kick you in the hangballs!"
by Dingler Hangballs May 23, 2007
A guy who is very narrowminded when it comes to sex-positions and/or unatural sexual tendencies. Mr. Missonary will despice all positions except the missonary position, and will have a hard time dealing with people talking about other positions or talking abouth their love towards, oh lets say horses.
Example 1:

Dude: "Oh man I'm so gonna watch some horse-pr0n tonight!"

Guy: "I fucking hate you now - alot!"

Dude "Oh chill Mr. Missionary"

Example 2:

Chick: "David totally skullfucked me last night - he's so thrilled about me getting that glasseye"

Dude: "That's so fucking wrong - I fucking hate you evil bitch!"

Chick: "Whatever you say Mr. Missionary..."
by Dingler Hangballs June 14, 2007
An ignorant obese person who does not know his/her place in life. It often shows by being the loudest, most obnoxious person in the room, as an attempt to make up for his/her obesity.
Guy 1: "Look at Tim over there, thinking he's the center of the freakin' universe!"
Guy 2: "Well he does have his own gravitation point"
Guy 1: "lol - He just wont recognise his place in life. He's such a failwhale"
Guy 2: "Amen"
by Dingler Hangballs December 06, 2007

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