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A CMS, notable for being open source and... uhm, nothing else. Designed to be totally useless right after installation, unless the user modifies it into something (somewhat) usable. Seriously, it was designed not to do anything at all when installed. The user is the one who must try and make it usable by adding functions, modules and that kind of stuff, all by himself,
And even after that, your site will be fugly as hell, with totally generic content blocks (all drupal sites look like the spread firefox site, it uses drupal too), a horrible forum with too little options, plus your site will crawl like it's has an anchor tied on it's right leg.
The only reason people will use drupal is either because some open source junkie told them it's cool and awesome (wrong), or because their boss will fire them if they don't.
See: Wordpress on steroids

-How do I do anything? (drupal user that just installed the damn thing)

-In Soviet Russia, Content Manages YOU!
by Dimitris K April 08, 2009
1) A car made by Dodge during the 70's, before it came out of production in 1973. Very fast and competent in terms of performance, even by modern standards, and with styling every person with good taste has to like. It has it's own spot in the hall of fame of every true car enthusiast. Collectors go mad for such cars, especially if it's a genuine "numbers-matching" model of the high performance versions (with the big 426 or 440 engine fitted from the factory and not as an after market modification)

2) A car that's currently under production by Dodge (from 2008 till today). The car you could have bought yourself (either in it's inexpensive base trim or the very fast SRT version), if you hadn't foolishly spent 15000 dollars upgrading your japanese 4banger rice burner. Yes, it's interior may not have the quality of other cars, but Chrysler has managed to nail old-school muscle car power along with the smoothness and handling of a modern sports car.
1) Tomorrow there is an auction for a "numbers matching" 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T that just went on sale. Bet the price will reach a six-figure number again.

2) Dodge Challenger SRT8: The living proof that, no matter how much Chrysler, Ford and GM screw it up, muscles car will continue to live and reign, as they will always offer the best bang for your buck.
by Dimitris K March 11, 2009
A parody of wikipedia, where articles are being written using the "satirical point of view". Basically it's a wiki visually resembling wikipedia and it's projects, but consisted of articles being as much funny and satirical to the subject as possible. The majority of it's articles have nice witty jokes and unique pictures, making them a pleasure to read. During it's first days, uncyclopedia was available only in english, but now is available in almost any language.

Whoever claims that this pile of shit called "encyclopedia dramatica" is better than uncyclopedia, is either someone who goes there to get free porn, or a retard who prefers laughing at a four letter words and incoherent sentences, instead of a clever thought-out article that is actually funny. Also, these folks from encylopedia dramatica tend to criticize uncyclopedia's admins for deleting every article users create, but everybody knows it's only their articles that always get deleted, for being way to stupid and generally shitty.

PS: Some other writer of urban dictionary said uncyclopedia is written by kids, but let me tell you that if there is one site that's written solely by kids unable to speak english, this would be encyclopedia dramatica, with it's lousy pics (can't these kids retouch something properly?), pathetic homepage, and ful of in-jokes like "the lulz".
If a would like to read funny articles, I would go to uncyclopedia. If I would like to laugh at really stupid kids that can type only four letter words, I would go to encyclopedia dramatica (altough I end up feeling sorry for them most of the time).
by Dimitris K March 13, 2009
An lame processor made by Intel. It was supposed to be Intel's answer to AMD and Cyrix in the low-end and midrange section of the pc market.

The Celeron was designed to be as cheap as possible. Not only in terms of production, but also in terms of design. So, instead of creating an all-new design that would actually compete, Intel just chopped parts of their Pentium II processor, until the desired level of cheapness had been achieved. The first Celeron to be rolled out was the 300A, and it quickly gained reputation for it's lackster performance, increadible lag, and general lameness.

During the height of their (un)popularity in the early 2000s, Celerons became the laughing stock of every tech-savvy person. Like AOL, they quickly became a product for people who didn't know any better. Today, Celeron's continue the tradition of being nothing more than chopped versions of Intel's processors, but fortunately people have wisen up and look at the benchmarks before they buy, so naturally, their population has drammatically decreased in favor of AMD, again.

Nevertheless, Celerons can still be found in office desks, as they are notorious for being able to tolerate incredible amounts of dust, nicotine and filth without breaking down, while being adequate in word-processing tasks and the like.
Me: This is my old pc, with a Celeron 667 in it. My father bought it, thinking he was getting an equivalent to the Intel Pentium III 500Mhz processor. This is what happens when you leave a non tech-savvy person with a computer store salesmam.
Friend: I see it also has a tv card so you can do your video captures
Me: Is coding video in 174x144 resolution at 15fps with Indeo Video codec considered "capture"? Now let's play Need For Speed III at medium graphics detail!
by Dimitris K November 06, 2009
A sports car from Japan that's more expensive than a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, slower than a Z06, plus heavier and more boring-looking.

Recommended for Japanese people who want a car with an engine that can take years of blunt abuse before eventually breaking down, and can also be "upgraded" with the use of Naaawws cold fusion systems (something no sensible muscle car owner would ever consider doing).
-Japanse guy: Hey pal, the Nissan Skyline R35 GT-R is the greatest sports car ever! Mine has a Naaawws cold fusion system installed and a cool new spoiler (plus a dragon painted on the door)
-American muscle car owner: How 'bout a race with my Vette Z06?
-Japanese guy: Ehmm... not now, i 've just spent all my Naaaws bottles in the previous race with that Viper (which I lost), plus the fact my engine is steaming smoke from burned out parts right now
by Dimitris K February 20, 2009
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