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1.blow job in Greek. Also called Tsimpouki.
2.A pipe for smoking
3. When something sucks
4. When someone loses in a game,he had a pipa
3. Pipa to ergo megale
Pipes leei o typos
4.Ti kanate? Fagame pipa
Ase pali pipa ekanan
by Dimitris October 06, 2004
worm in greek. It is used for fans of Aris Salonika FC. They are called like this beacause they simply are worms..
Skoulikia Arianoi.

Ante re gamimeno skouliki
by Dimitris October 06, 2004
acronym for the words Global Lover Boy:
A guy who is fluent in numerous languages,has unlimited financial resources and because of the nature of his work has to live for long periods of time in many different countries.Due to his lifestyle he meets more women than anyone could ever imagine but can never sustain a serious relationship.
Don't tell me you expected commitment from this guy?! He's a GLB!
by Dimitris July 20, 2004

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