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Banging a chicks head against the headboard while fucking.
A) I played taps with her head last night.
by Dimes January 30, 2008
A chick with deformed looking Cauliflower nipples.
Eww, that chick has Chernobyl Nipples!
by Dimes January 29, 2008
An over zealous dudley do right cop that would ticket his mother and bang his dog.
Fuck! I've got Mr. Joshua on my ass.
by Dimes January 29, 2008
Another term for banging a chick.
A) Dude, are you going to Jack her ankles tonight?
B) I jacked her ankles last night.
C) I'm jacking her ankles later after she has a few more shots.
by Dimes January 30, 2008
Another name for a female's pussy.
Look at that chick's geesh!
by Dimes January 29, 2008

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