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Nutter (and only Nutter!)

The origin of this slang word is the TV Ad for Dime Bars (now Daim, made by Kraft Foods), a chocolate covered crunchy caramel candy bar, which aired back in 1995.

The Ad featured the British comedian Harry Enfield playing a slobbering retard in a supermarket, filling a shopping trolley FULL of dime bars... he's approached by a well spoken interviewer (Also Harry Enfield), who asks him 'Do you remember your first Dime?'... anyway, the ad finished with the retard exclaiming to his wife:

"That bloke's a nutter... OI, NUTTER!"

Google the phrase 'dime - that blokes a nutter' and you'll be sure to find many videos of this wonderful ad

Many of us will also remember the Armadillos from the second ad they did!
He's a bit of a dime bar...

Oi, Dime Bar!

Lookout! Dime Bar alert! (nutter approaching)
by Dime Bar Rich August 26, 2007

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