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Someone suffering, by no fault of his own, from male pattern baldness.
That brother is wearing a hat to cover his bald spot; he's a loper big-time.
by DimDog February 22, 2007

SPIFA is the largest group of devotes to the EA Sports FIFA Soccer Series. It is a licensed, professional organization since 2001.
The Sony Playstation International Football Association, or more widely know as SPIFA, has recently sigend an endorsement deal with the United Allopeica Foundation.
by DimDog March 14, 2007
A small bun, filled with cream, covered in chocolate sauce. Has holes you can stick your dick through, enjoied by men and women (with dildos) made from antique plastic gnome replicas, cheese is high in cholesterol and can kill fat people. Also nutrient rich, cheese is high in vitamin C and fluids. Making it a good medicine for a sick fish. Cheese is also reffered to a candel, although if you are desiring to put your peins into a candel, ensure that it is not lit. If lit, you will feel a sharp pain followed blackness and de-balledness.
skinny man: Dude, why is your dick black?
Fat man: Oh, I put it in some cheese?
Fat man: Soo, what's up?
Skinny man: Your cholesterol fatty!
Fat Man explodes..
by Dimdog December 22, 2012
One who has devoted his life to playing video games. Originates from all the beaming that goes on during gameplay. A common synonym is steamer.
I am such a beamer. I played 47 matches of FIFA07 straight, without a break.
by DimDog March 14, 2007
A person whose life is devoted to playing video games.

Word originates from the beaming that goes on between said beamer and the tv set on which he is playing his game.
Jim called himself a gamer; but everyone at school made fun of him calling him a beamer.
by DimDog May 08, 2007

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