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8 definitions by Dilpreet

1. Someone who can get crazy at times and i mean crazy (knows how to party, and make friends)
2. Definitely hot blood, will go upto killing for a meaningful "cause" if he hasn't sold his soul yet, and still have integrity, like many living in America
3. Doesn't want to be racial but world makes him to be
4. A hard worker, farming is one skill majority of them have.
5. One whose signature on dance floor is "bhangra"
Rita: "I see that guy dance, its funky! who is that guy...
Yolanda: O you don't know "bhangra" it is a signature dance of any punjabi
by Dilpreet October 30, 2004
1. Someone who is just intellectually gifted and has analytical skills better than 98% of the gene pool.

2. Someone who has somekind of superior memory.

3. Although term is very subjective but cognitive sciences define genius "sheerly brilliant" or someone who comes close to being an obsessive compulsive but have very fine control over his/her abilities.

4. Quantitatively someone with an IQ higher than 140.
1. Einstein is a Genius who developed the Theory of Relativity, in the field of Physics.

To name few.
by Dilpreet March 17, 2006
1. Muteaar teen girl of state Punjab India
2. Beauty of Punjaab
3. Queen of Gidha
I want to go out a muteaar not...a buddi with few teeth in her mouth
by Dilpreet October 30, 2004
1. Gidha Vs bhangra, signature dance of women of Punjab
2. an upbeat dance of 'peahen' to attract a punjabi male
She is so fine muteaar, i bet she knows gidha
by Dilpreet October 30, 2004
A physical game originating in India/Pakistan. It is played between two teams, where player of one side tries to tag the player(s) of opposite team, while saying Kabaddi Kabaddi or Kaudi Kaudi and keeping his/her breath alive and then gets back to his/her own side once he/she tags. While the defending team which is being tagged will try to take down the player who is saying Kabaddi Kabaddi until his breath runs out.

Two main forms of the game are:
1. Circle Kabbadi.
2. Rectangle Kabbadi.
I will not say Kabaddi is almost as physical as American football but it comes close.
by Dilpreet March 17, 2006
1. the dance that originates from Punjab (India, Pakistan) but is known in Western world
2. cultural dance by farmers during the festival of "vaisaakhi" wheat harvesting season (13th April)
3. dance with "dhol" (original)
4. doorway to attract a punjaban in weddings, festivals and other social events
5. upbeat dance with remixes that varies from punjabi music to reggae, hiphop, and desi music
Jagrup: "I want to marry a guy who knows bhangra...he doesn't have to be a punjabi
by Dilpreet October 30, 2004
A famous festival celebrated in the states of Punjab (Indian and Pakistani) on April 13th of every year. Festivities varies from dances of Bhangra and Gidha by farmers and supplemented with delicious foods during evenings to celebrate the harvest season of wheat.
This years Vaisaakhi is ultimately going to be one of the best in Yuba City, CA.
by Dilpreet March 17, 2006