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5 definitions by Dillon Thomson

a statement that one would use to declare themselves as the one and only G gangster.
"like i've always said you ain't a G unless you me."
by Dillon Thomson February 22, 2009
22 6
a term used to describe someone who is overly shy and timid due to marijuana inhalation.
"I totally would have talked to that hot redhead but I had a case of the High n' Shy."
by Dillon Thomson January 27, 2009
19 3
When someone inadvertently becomes a slave to Methadone addiction. When every aspect of ones life is sacrificed for the main goal of obtaining the narcotic Methadone.
Susan had a good job and two beautiful children before she got Meth Owned.
by Dillon Thomson August 11, 2010
8 0
An uncommonly used slang term for the prescription drug Xanax.
my friend wanted me to ask you if you had any xanthrax.
by Dillon Thomson September 02, 2010
5 3
when someone is raped as a result of falling for a rapists bait. Such as money, jewels, fancy cars, etc.
"its my own fault for getting bait raped, he had a lamborghini murcielago."
by Dillon Thomson May 28, 2009
6 9