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a statement that one would use to declare themselves as the one and only G gangster.
"like i've always said you ain't a G unless you me."
by Dillon Thomson February 22, 2009
a term used to describe someone who is overly shy and timid due to marijuana inhalation.
"I totally would have talked to that hot redhead but I had a case of the High n' Shy."
by Dillon Thomson January 27, 2009
When someone inadvertently becomes a slave to Methadone addiction. When every aspect of ones life is sacrificed for the main goal of obtaining the narcotic Methadone.
Susan had a good job and two beautiful children before she got Meth Owned.
by Dillon Thomson August 11, 2010
An uncommonly used slang term for the prescription drug Xanax.
my friend wanted me to ask you if you had any xanthrax.
by Dillon Thomson September 02, 2010
when someone is raped as a result of falling for a rapists bait. Such as money, jewels, fancy cars, etc.
"its my own fault for getting bait raped, he had a lamborghini murcielago."
by Dillon Thomson May 28, 2009
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