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3 definitions by Dill dOugh

big hairy balls
Damn my fuzznuts itch
by Dill Dough June 05, 2003
12 11
When your patty is in a steam roller connected to a gas mask used for smoking doob and you simultaneously fellate yourself (See "autofellatio}") and take a nice big toke.
"Hey, Bob, believe you me: when ya dicksmoke, beware the moneyshot. Not a good taste with tha weed"
by Dill dOugh February 17, 2004
3 8
-proper N. A man with a chub.

-N. A penis whose girth is twice the number of centimenters than it's length.
--See also, "patty"

-V. To abscond with, often for the purpose of feeding one's fat ass.
Sue: So, betty, was donald any good?
Betty: No, he was a chub tub.
Sue: What's that?
Betty: It's when the cock looks like a half black, half asian. To make it worse, he chubbed my panties and half of my fridge
by Dill Dough February 16, 2004
10 37