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A smallish hick town in Saskatchewan.

One of the only places in Canada that is so conservative that will put your picture on the front page of the local newspaper if you get caught doing bong hits.

In Canada, 50% of residents have smoked marijuana. In Nipawin, 80% of residents are currently drunk and are ready to physically restrain anyone under the influence of marijuana until the police arrive.
Hey, you got any bud?

-Sure! Here's a Budweiser beer!

I mean pot.

-I don't understand.

Do you have any marijuana?

-You smoke dope?

Dope is heroin.

-Marijuana is illegal and wrong. I'm going to finish getting drunk on this alcohol the local bar illegally supplied to us, since we're underage, then I'm going to drive down to the local police department and report you for smoking dope. We don't put up with liberal mindedness in Nipawin!
by DildoBong March 30, 2009

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