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Dick and Bush is a slang phrase used during the first four years of Bush's Autocracy. Surely to be used for the last four. This terms etymology derives from the first name of the Vice President: Dick, and the last name of the Chancelor: Bush. All said, Dick and Bush.
Person A: Man, everyone keeps calling our government a sham.
Person B: Well...
Person A: It's all dick and bush's fault.
Person B: Yeah, we really gotta lick bush.
Person A: Oh, and beat dick.
by Dilcue November 11, 2004
This word is a simple shortening of the term "carburetor" used by marijuana smokers to refer to the carburetors on thier pipes. Generally these carbs occur on handblown glass pipes, or smaller wooden or metal pipes. The idea behind the carb is to cool the smoke by allowing fresh air in to mix with the smoke in the chamber. This results in smoother hits, and less coughing.

Another common term used for carburetor is rush.
Bill scrapes the resin out of his pipe through the Carb hole.
by Dilcue October 23, 2004

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