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A social gathering place where unusually self absorbed, extremely shallow men and women gather to compete with each other in order to score the best possible sexual partner. Characteristic traits of such an establishment would be text message walls, Abercrombie dresscode, and the tangible disdain for anyone present that is not exclusively looking for sex.
Me: So, I went to that club the other night. It took me twenty minutes to get a drink because the bartender was too busy trying to get the numbers of the only three women there that weren't already busy dryhumping.

Friend: ...How many times did the DJ play "Low"?

Me: About eight. In two hours.

Friend: Dude, you ventured into the Skankatron Thunderdome.
by Digwood September 23, 2008
Rolling a joint. Stemming from the original meaning of the word, "Origami," the art of paper folding. Used in the context of smoking marijuana, this usage of the word is most appropriate when clever variations of the standard joint are created, such as "The Cross Joint".
Guy 1: Hey, dude, I'm sick of this job. All I want to do is go home and burn one down.

Guy 2: For sure. I can't wait to get home, bust out those papers, and do a little origami, myself.
by Digwood February 09, 2009
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