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The lovely art of disturbing a "Plank" attempt. Usually performed by the photographer or another friend present for the planking effort. Once the person assumes the pose, the "Woodchipper" intercedes, providing some sort of direct or indirect contact, breaking the pose.

This may include, but is most certainly not limited to: Using any body part or object to strike the Planker in the body directly; or make contact with the object(s) the person is Planking on, causing them to fail in a most epic fashion.

Woodchipping: The act
Woodchipper: The enforcer
Woodchipee: The victim(s)
Woodchipped: Past tense

Note: This is probably illegal and could potentially really hurt someone, but they are Plankers, so its cool.
** Example 1 **
Jerry: Bro, did you hear what happened to Adam?
Chris: Yeah, he was Planking in the shop last night and his roommate Woodchipped the shit out of him.
Jerry: Word? How so?
Chris: He broke a 2x4 over his ear.
Adam: What?
Chris: I said Mike broke a 2x4 over your ear.
Adam: What?

** Example 2 **
Kate: OMG, we had, like, a sleepover at Angie's, and Angie was Planking on some, like, folding chairs, and like Anna kicked out the chair. Like, total FAIL.
Amy: WTF? OMG!
by DigitalAssasin August 08, 2011

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