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The term "Cherry" has been used for decades as a slang term for "Excellent," "hot," "Great," "Far Out," "cool," "top of class" and so forth. As in; "Wow, that custom '57 Chevy is Cherry." "That's a Cherry bike." "Oh man, that chick is Cherry."

This definition applies that same term specifically to digital content.
Digital content that is "Cherry" or great, nice, hot, cool, sweet, live, bad (in the context of "cool) and so forth. Used specifically to represent digital content as is found on the internet, digital photography, graphic design, web sites, even can reference digital music, digital video or any thing else that is in a digital format and is "Cherry"

excellentartisticcoolhotbadliveweb designwebsitedigital contentnicesweet
"That website is a Digital Cherry." That graphic is a "Digital Cherry" "That design studio keeps cranking out "Digital Cherries."
by Digital Cherries November 08, 2012

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