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A sub human race found in all Australian towns, Footy Fags are basically the Australian version of Chavs and Townies. Their culture revolves mainly around The "NRL" the Australian rugby league. They are all sheep, wearing the same homo cloth's they got from some surf shop and listen to the same mainstream music made by no-talent slut’s and "gangsters", all Footys try and imitate their football idols buy having the same gay little "solly" cut and acting like a general douche bag. They spend their spare time either jumping on each other chasing after a ball, getting pissed on grog they scabbed off the older footy fags or wasting time at the local mall yelling abuse at anyone who isn’t a footy e. g Emos, Goths, Moshers,, Skaters, Nerds, Geeks, Artistic people, Punks, People of Ethnicity, Arab of any kind, Leb, , or anyone that thinks for themself. Most often the footy males have a group of disease carrying cumpsters who follow them around, who are apparently all so “pritty” according to each other most all of them end up doing hairdressing at taff. They disrupt classrooms and this reflects their results which are always poor, but they don’t need to study because “their uncle is gonna give em job fencing on his farm”. Basically if you see a footy stab him to death before it has a chance to reproduce.
Footy fag 1- Durr dum durr chris brown
Footy fag 2- Durr
by DieuFooty August 01, 2009

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