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Considered to be the ultimate means of delivering anal pleasure the Hope Ender starts off with the male partner slightly inserting his penis into the female rectum (just passed the penis head). After this the man lets the woman sit on his hands and stands up with the penis still inside the rectum. After the man is standing straight he must jump up as high as he could, let go of the woman and land on his back side. After this simple process the male penis 'jack hammers' up the female rectum and ends all of her hope of standing again.....ever.
Duuuuude I jack hammered that chick mayne!! After that impalement she could'nt even breath! I had to call the ambulance! Thats what I call the Hope Ender mayne!
by Dieter Hellstrom April 23, 2010
A state of ascended spirituality achieved by women via intense anal sex.
Dude I banged her ass so hard and so long that she fainted from the sheer density of anal redemption!
by Dieter Hellstrom January 18, 2012
Perpetual, swift and powerful thrusting into the vagina by the male from the mounted position of doggy style, hence the name "slobber knocker"
That hooker aint ever gonna recover from that! After all it was the slobber knocker
by Dieter Hellstrom April 25, 2010

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