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PCS, or Pussy Confinement Syndrome is a somewhat serious pussy analyzing condition. It occurs when males are isolated from the outside world in a small area, such as a dorm hall or school. In this isolation, the males are tricked into believing that certain girls are hotter than they actually are. Overtime a girl can go from a 5 to a dime piece just because she is the only decent looking girl in a very small population. It can result in permanent poor standards.
Ugly girl walks by dorm room.

Bro in dorm:" Dude, you see that girl? Damn at first I didn't know about her but now I wanna fuck her so bad."

Bro 2 from outside world: " Oh my god that girl has nasty flapjackies! You must have Pussy Confinement Syndrome"
by Diesel22 November 16, 2009

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