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Word used largely in Eastern Tennessee to describe a man's large penis. Also can be used in the shorter form diesel, to describe a really outstanding or "cool" individual. However word is not interchangable with cool/nice etc. It is specifically used for a certain way of acting.
Individuals referred to as Diesel usually have the following traits:
1. crudely humored.
2. Usually Pyschically Large (and in charge)
3. Open mind to their own ideas.
4. When ever possible will express dominance on weaker people.
5. May drive a cadillac, BMW, Chrysler, Landrover, or Peugot (in europe only)
6. Often will enjoy fanship of contact sports
7. When asked his interest will repond as follows: A good meal and a hot woman.
"Hey Diesel Whats up?"
"Thats Big diesel over there"
"Oh Diesel do it harder"
"Hey Diesel"
"Yes my name is Diesel, but you can call me Daniel or what ever"
by Diesel Way September 09, 2006

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