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2 definitions by DiegoFerrari

Incredibooble describes a woman with incredible breasts, exquisite in all ways shapes and forms.
Tony: Dude, you got a lot of dances from that stripper last night!
Frank: I know Tony, I know, I spent so much money.
Frank: It was worth it though, she was incredibooble!
by DiegoFerrari February 24, 2009
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A, generally young, woman who has had more than a couple of kids and has had C-Sections in order to preserve the state of her love tunnel.
Iain: "Britney looks almost hittable in her womanizer video, if you forget that she's a manky whore."
Chris: "She's had about 12 kids though they probably just walk out now!"
Iain: "She had C-Sections, to preseve down there."
by DiegoFerrari January 22, 2009
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