18 definitions by Diego Mendez

Southern US term for conception.
Wazzunt me. That other crazy sumbitch is the one that tried ta bangulate and impregnify that female over there, not I.
by Diego Mendez July 13, 2016
A web site that tries to get Googlebot’s attention but fails at the last moment
Webskipper: Hey there little buddy, did you install the new webmaster tools for the company web site?
Googligan: Yea, on my laptop.
Webskipper: Oh Googligan, (strike with cap)

…and the rest…are hear on Googligan’s Island.
by Diego Mendez January 25, 2008
Obama goggles is a phenomenon which inhibits monetary discretion to the point of unbridled acceptance of spending.
1 trillion dollars??? Let me put on my Obama Goggles. OK I support it.
by Diego Mendez February 14, 2009
An overrated loaf of bread with a sludge and grease in the middle. Better classified as a quiche.
One Chicago Style Pizza will feed a pond of ducks for a year.
by Diego Mendez January 27, 2008
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