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1. A style of music.
2. A surf spot.
1. "There's a sick breaks, hip-hop and drum and bass party this weekend we should go to."
2. "You should surf some Australian breaks if you want to get any good at this sport."
by Diego Blunt August 10, 2003
Prouncounced Paste-eez, it means the pastey, claggy, dry mouth that you get from smoking weed.
"I got chronic pasties right now
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003
Gov-Matic from Brick City.
Yo, you pack that little ass gun like Harlem Nights
After we brawl and fight, yo bitch I'ma ball tonight
At shows we so tight we flow like it's one mic
Raw underground, yo Don, tell em what that dough like
by Diego Blunt November 27, 2003
Excellent Marijuana. Excellent Cannabis. Whateva ya want to call it.
"You got any of that 'mad ism' you hooked me up with last time."
by Diego Blunt August 10, 2003
A ciggarette, specifically to be used to mix with weed before blazing.
Stoner: "Can I bum a cigga?"
Marlboro Man: "Sure."
Stoner: "I don't even smoke ciggarettes. I just want a spin cigga."
Marlboro Man: "I'm sorry, but our company does not condone the use of ciggarette's in that matter."
by Diego Blunt August 10, 2003
Dealer's are organised on a chain similar to the food chain.
Larger dealer's on the top, small-time runner's on the bottom.
"Rick isn't his real name, he just uses that coz he's high up on 'The Drug Chain'."
by Diego Blunt August 18, 2003
Playa Hater's Degree.
A gangsta thing.
"Man, that lil' bitch got his Phd, being all up in my shit like that."
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003

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