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17 definitions by Diego Mendez

A web site that tries to get Googlebot’s attention but fails at the last moment
Webskipper: Hey there little buddy, did you install the new webmaster tools for the company web site?
Googligan: Yea, on my laptop.
Webskipper: Oh Googligan, (strike with cap)

…and the rest…are hear on Googligan’s Island.
by Diego Mendez January 25, 2008
Obama goggles is a phenomenon which inhibits monetary discretion to the point of unbridled acceptance of spending.
1 trillion dollars??? Let me put on my Obama Goggles. OK I support it.
by Diego Mendez February 14, 2009
An overrated loaf of bread with a sludge and grease in the middle. Better classified as a quiche.
One Chicago Style Pizza will feed a pond of ducks for a year.
by Diego Mendez January 27, 2008