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When a basketball shot hits the rim then rolls around (360-deg) one or more times. It can rim in or rim out. One of the ugliest shots in basketball.

Chick Hearn is credited with it:

Shaq just shot another toilet ringer.
by Diego Mendez February 17, 2009
A middle-age European torture method where the victims' legs are tied to a tree and the bottoms of the feet are moistened with salt. A thirsty goat would then lick their feet until the flesh was worn away.
Olaf: Johan, do you want to go jogging?

Johan: No Olaf, I prefer to ride horse. The king gave me the goat's tongue today.

Source: BMJ Journal
by Diego Mendez August 26, 2009
Room for cream. Used to let your barista know to leave it ½” to ¾” below the rim so you may add skim milk, half and half, or other accompaniments to your coffee beverage.
I’ll have the Sumatran, RFC please.
by Diego Mendez April 13, 2009
A Racial Clusterfuck.

To drive off the “aracial” road.

To be setup, railroaded, attacked, and annihilated on all sides of a racial situation by both political correctness and bigotry when telling a story about a race other than your own.
You: My black friend made me realize how I picture criminals, as black.

Them: You racist!
You: And now I go out of my way to be extra nice to black people because I see the light.
Them: You racist! Your fired.

You just got Sharrod –ed.
by Diego Mendez July 21, 2010
The opening in your butt used mostly for dispensing fecal matter accompanying liquid and gas. You know, your "meat"
Excuse me, I have to exercise the meat nozzle.
by Diego Mendez June 26, 2012
Excess flab that extends over the right and left sides of the female's waistband.

Wow, check out her sideboobs!
by Diego Mendez February 14, 2009
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