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When somthing is so tasty, and most likly foreign, that there are no words that you can use to describe it that you havent allready used for soemthing else.
"Dude, this swiss pizza is so, weird. But its so delicious! I dotn know what it is! Its Freakadickalicious!"
#freakadickalicious #freak #dick #delicious #swiss #pizza
by DieW73 July 27, 2008
1) To successfully get high off of marijuana seeds.
2) To smoke only the seeds off a bong hit.
"Dude, i sucseeded on seeds last night"

"In that hit you only lit up the seed dude, you just sucseeded"
#seeds #marijuana #high #sucseeded #suck #bong #hit
by DieW73 August 28, 2008
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