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To "indirectly"cruise the Facebook or MySpace profile pics of a person with whom you may have had intimate relations, or an old bully from elementary school. It can be virtually anyone from your past that you don't really want to talk to, but you may want to see what they look like now.

A form of indirect virtual stalking.
"I was dry stalking Tina's Facebook pics, I heard she looks like shit now, but I didn't want to friend request her, it's not that serious!"
by DieDieElle December 27, 2011
An internet argument that turns very ugly; usually based on trolls leaving unwarranted comments.

Like hoo bangin, except you are typing instead of yelling in some fool's face
I was watching this video on YT and some troll left a racist comment and I spent an hour web bangin on that punk!

I need to stop reading comments on this story or I'll waste the day web bangin!
by DieDieElle December 27, 2011

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