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Erinizzle; extraordinary. beautiful. loving. powerful. caring. gorgeous soul.
everything you need to get through the day. one of the reasons I'm still alive. an amazing friend. someone who works to do what's best. a very strong person. fun. unique. exiting. someone who everyone loves and wants to know. a God loving girl. and someone Jesus died for and loves so much.
and someone I love and can't live without.
Erinizzle is someone ever single person should know. if you don't know an Erinizzle, you're missing so much. we all love that Erinizzle girl.
anyone who knows her would do anything for her protection. she is so strong, even though she doesn't know it. but she can do anything because she has a lot of people there to support her.
I love that girl more than anyone should love anyone else.
If you meet an Erinizzle, count you're blessings. Because with an Erinizzle in you're life, you're life is very much worth living. Erinizzle's can help you get through things.
and they have the most beautiful soul's.

many people don't even know an Erinizzle.
but those people live sad lives.
Erinizzle is perfect in God's eyes, and that's what matters.

I hope everyone is lucky enough to meet an Erinizzle.
Erinizzle is a big part of the reason I live.
I'm not sure if she loves me as much as she loves other people, but I love Erinizzle with my life.
by Didi Lee January 04, 2011

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