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2 definitions by Dictionary Boy

A person of either sex who is skilled in the art of pleasuring the sexual organs of another and enjoys the taste, scent and colour of the jism which is the product of said pleasuring
i)She sucked me off like a proper jism monkey
ii) With his deft wrist action he reminded me of the jism monkeys of pre-christian Rome
iii) Your mother eats cum like she were a jism monkey
by Dictionary Boy March 10, 2005
80 17
helm is short for helmet, which is the purple head on a males reproductive organ which is similar to a medival helmet of yore
A) Do not be a helm sir, give me back my lunch money.
B) His helm smells of chedder
C) And I slapped her face with my helm, like so
by Dictionary Boy March 10, 2005
49 44