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"olut" is a finnish word for "beer" and a bit more cultivated than the slang version bisse
"Yksi olut kiitos"
"I would fancy an olut please"
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö March 21, 2005
Finnish slang word for "beer"

Note olut
"Meitsi oli eilen pleksit ku tuli otettuu vähä liikaa bissee"
"I was totally drunk yesterday for having too much bisse"
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö March 21, 2005
Finnish word for "laptop"
Ostin uuden läppärin tänään.
I just bought a new läppäri today
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö March 21, 2005
Degenerated place of living that lacks possibilities of education, culture and working.
That place was so vähäkyrö.

I hope I don't have to move to vähäkyrö city.
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö March 20, 2005
slang word for vähäkyrö.
"That place/city/town was so vähis"
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö March 23, 2005
Suihkumyssy is Finnish word for kinda hat that is worn mostly by old women in shower. Really turns men off.
"Marjut was wearing suihkumyssy, altough she's only 20!"
"Yeow! That had to turn her guy off!"
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö April 09, 2005
Village in Finland - Ostrobotnia that is one of the major producers of moonshine.
"Where you have bought that strong moonshine?"
"From Laihia"
by DictatorOfVähäkyrö April 02, 2005
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