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A slang term for the word fuck. Can be used to replace the word fuck in everyday conversation

Originated in an Australian Information Systems class. Came about when one of the Dell computers was so rooted that it could only be classed fucked or had been fucked. Then many other Dell computers followed in this path.

Dell's are also usually serviced by a techy named Dick. Hence making them much more delled than they were in the first place.
"This computer is Delled"

Man 1: "Yo is that marsh being a dickhead?"
Man 3: "Nah he's being worse, hes being a dellhead"

#fucked #delled #fuck #sex #well done
by Dicky D June 09, 2008
the act of wrapping your dick in cookie dough or cake batter then proceeding to have your dick sucked until all the dough is gone
Sean: Kelsie, John would like a Baker's Special

Kelsie: OK I would love to. I already have the dough.
#penis #dick #vagina #baker's dozen #kelaie
by Dicky d October 17, 2014
A computer technician. Usually has a bad attitude and not very cool. Likes to sit in an office for hours on end, not shower for weeks and be rude to all who come their path. Techy's also have contributed to the origin of the word dell.
Man1: "My computer's delled"
Man 3: "Well go see the techy"
Man 1: "No way. He's off his face"
#dell #good stuff #delled #fuck #technician
by Dicky D June 11, 2008
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