3 definitions by Dicky

A penis, usually of gargantuan length and girth.
Omar's slonger had to be tucked into his sock.
by Dicky July 03, 2005
A word in hebrew that means "dick"
used aspecially by littel kids
-"mommy look, my bolbol has groun bigger!"
-"ok dear, now STFU"
by Dicky June 30, 2005
Group of totally gay man that like to take photos with nipples out.

oh, and thay sing too.
in perfect gayness.
Bob:"Hurra! got the new cd of manowar! yay!"

John:"OMG, dude, you got a penis stuck in your anus!!"

Bob:" I know! *smiles*"
by Dicky July 01, 2005

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