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When you take your tongue and lick the whole shaft of the dick and then the balls and then take the tongue and lick the pubs on his anus and his balls.. Then you take your tongue and lick his anus. then to top it off you Put ur tongue on his tongue and make him taste what u were licking! ( can be used with girls and their cunts to)
" LAYLA, tongue lick my Balls, I want to taste my cum tonight and my ass"!
" Fuck me baby, Tongue lick my fishy cunt!"
by Dickwad December 14, 2004
The Hair thats in or around your asshole. The hair is very curly and sometimes hurts when sweat and either shit gets near it and will stick to it.
" Yo Natasha' Lixk my curly's"

"Oouch,I just pulled one of my curly's out"
by Dickwad December 13, 2004
Ya mum.
hahaha..get it? ur mum...? slag..? hahaha. hahaha. its funny.
Your mum was great last night
actualy its just not funny any more
by Dickwad January 02, 2005
A proper hardcore wanker who orgasms over himself.
Hi, I'm Morissey, I touch myself.
by Dickwad January 02, 2005
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