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Slushy shit comes out all melted and brown
Dom Spreads crapple sauce all over his mouth and sucks on his bed pillow
by Dickpuncher69 October 04, 2005
a cote of yellow cheese around a dick
Sabrina has lots of penis cheese,so very much she can build a cheese fort with it
by DickPuncher69 October 03, 2005
a person that goes bananas for a mans bag, or the person peels the old bag skin off a guys sack and sucks on it like a banana
domenic is a bag monkey he likes to peel the old bag off sabrina to reveal the new bag
by DickPuncher69 October 19, 2005
A person who has left over cheese around their mouth for sucking to much cock or ass
Dom sucked so much cock he had enough cheesemouth to make a cheese cake,hes considered a cheese mouth.
by DickPuncher69 October 03, 2005
When a guy points his dick towards the ass of a girl and launches his cumshot off it causing the sperm to hit the celling
sabrina gets ass ramp from chewbaca
by DickPuncher69 November 17, 2005
Balls of shit and cornchips that hang on the wall of your asshole
Dom opened up a fresh bag of fudgits while watching sabrina jerk of in her soup
by DickPuncher69 October 19, 2005

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