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Of, or relating to the folding of paper in a Japanese fashion in order to induce feelings of pleasure while still allowing for the occasional papercut.
My last summer in Japan was consummated by my origamic experience with a local man who had such nimble fingers, I just couldn't resist.
by Dickory August 31, 2006
When you receive your first kiss, especially on the lips.
So you've finally tagged first base. How did it feel to pop your grape after these 19 long years? Congrats. You better take it slow from here on out though.
by Dickory May 16, 2008
1. In a state of anxious anticipation to ride the Matterhorn roller coaster at Disneyland in California, meriting at least an 8.3 out of 10 on the arousal scale.

2. Looking forward to riding the Matterhorn due to the excitement of getting to straddle the person in front of you, or being straddled, if you are so lucky.

NOTE: Due to the intimacy of the ride, make sure you stand by the right person in line before boarding. Please remain seated; permanecer sentados por favor.
1. I'm so Matterhorny that when we see that first abominable snowman, I might just burst!

2. Bill's date at Disneyland got him all Matterhorny when she asked to sit in front of him on the best ride in the park. He couldn't wait for that long first ride uphill.
by Dickory May 16, 2008

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